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It is wonderful to witness how two opposite lives can run in the same time frame,in the same setting, but result in extremely different outcomes.

The ”TROUBLES IN N.IRELAND’ were ,during that era, the highest publicised terrorist activities known to the UK. When they flared-up at the beginning of 1970 Geraldine Connon had just qualified for grammar school.This conflict continued for the next 25 years, throughout her entire learning years,including 5years study at the UU, art College campus Belfast.

However there were those in the midst of it ,who attempted to lead as normal a life as could be expected.When GC left university , after two years in the workplace , she decided the way forward was to set up her own business.At this stage the conflict in the Province had been raging for 15years, with some 10 years still to be negotiated.

The following independant newspaper editorials give an insight into that era,how through darkness ,criminality and terror, there still existed people ,strong enough to take a different road , and move forward with a positive attitude. GC is one of those people, through all adversity and change , she continued to ‘move and shake’  all doubters. She embraces and looks for romance and beauty in the art of clothes, following her imagination and gift of inherent style.

This was her chosen way of life , and through all the modern day conflict which came with the ‘TROUBLES’ she would say ,it would never have come close to the hardship her great grandfather witnessed in his life,as a Russian immigrant, who not only  raised his family in N.Ire , with the language barrier, but established a highly successful  tailoring business.

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